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There are an estimated 1.5 million conservatories in the UK with a Low Pitch. This is generally accepted as an angle lower than 10-12 degrees. For the owners of this type of conservatory roof, it can be very costly to convert them to a tiled or solid roof and take advantage of the benefits of an insulated conservatory roof conversion.


The reason for this, is that the majority of conservatory warm roof systems offer only metrotiles or tapco slates as options. Although outstanding products, with excellent guarantees and appearance, these tile and slate options are manufactured to require an absolute minimum pitch for the tiles and slates to operate effectively. An owner of a Low Pitched Lean To or other Low Pitched Conservatory roof, would have to consider a full roof redesign to a double hipped edwardian ( incorporating box guttering ) , an upstand at the rear of the roof, or even the new roof being cut into their existing house roof. All of these options involve considerable extra expense and may also require the window frames to be removed and replaced to facilitate a new roof being installed. Britmet Tileform have a perfect solution  to this issue, that is suitable for all conservatory roofs with pitches as low as 5 degrees! The Pantile 2000

Britmet Tileform’s pantile 2000 has a range of 6 beautiful colours, can be fixed to a roof pitch as low as 5°.  The lowest BBA approved tile sheet in the world.


Britmet Tileform is the market leading, British manufacturer and supplier of lightweight roofing systems for solid conservatory roofs throughout the UK and Ireland. Below we will explain why Britmet are the best when it comes to lightweight roofing systems for conservatory roofs.

British Manufacturer and British Profiles


Being a British manufacturer, we ensure that our range of lightweight roof tiles are all designed to suit the popular traditional roofing materials commonly used throughout Great Britain. As a result, homeowners across the country who are suffering with baking hot conditions in the summer and freezing cold environments in the winter can now have a usable room which they can enjoy all year round on the inside, whilst matching in to their existing home and that of the surrounding area.


When you make the decision to convert your conservatory roof into an insulated warm roof the outside appearance should be just as an important decision as the interior. Don’t settle for less and let us here at Britmet help you choose the best profile for you. Whether you have slates or flat concrete tiles to small plain tiles or profiled concrete tiles such as double romans we have the profiles to match and a range of colours to choose from that we are confident once the product is installed you wouldn’t notice the difference.


The Pantile 2000 has an extremely tough and durable roof coating, which is noise resistant and gives an attractive finish.  Fully dry fixed and comes with a large range of accessories to finish off any roof.


When it comes to Low pitch, strength, versatility, flexibility and looks, the Pantile 2000 is the only choice and best of all is manufactured in BRITAIN.




  •    Designed to give a traditional tile appearance

  •    Lightweight

  •    Minimum pitch 5°

  •    Good vandal resistance (0.9mm steel base)

  •    Easy to handle

  •    Offers reduced structure

  •    Quick installation

  •    Less labour intensive

  •    Cost effective

  •    Maintenance free

  •    Extensive range of accessories and flashings available

  •    Fully dry-fixed

  •    Guaranteed for 40-years against weather penetration

  •    Full technical support available

  •    British manufactured

lightweight quick-installation warm-roofing




What is a low pitch roof. Generally, it is considered a roof of 20 degrees or less. Common building types such as garages, lean to’s, conservatories, non-traditional housing, pitch felt roofs. All these roofs have been generally fixed with an unattractive industrial looking or cement fibre roof sheet finish or a felt roof system.


Britmet Tileform product range gives the specifier get flexibility as our range of profiles can achieve roof pitches as low as 5 degrees using our Pantile 2000 system with our Slate 2000 and Plaintile at 12 degrees and the Ultratile, Villatile and Profile 49 at 10 degrees we can give the client a traditional tile effect at very low pitches.




Britmet Tileform lightweight tile systems are 1/7 the weight of traditional heavy tiles. With 300 tiles or the equivalent 140m2 per pallet, compared to 50m2 of traditional tiles on a pallet. we can transport our products far more efficiently and cost effective and lower CO2 emissions.


Britmet Tileform large range of lightweight profiles offers the client to use of our products on many build types, from non-traditional housing, flat to pitch roof conversions, conservatories, modular housing, park homes, chalets, to name a few.


Britmet Tileform’s low weight tile systems gives the specifiers the benefits of using a traditional tile appearance with only the weight of 7 kg/m2



Britmet Tileform lightweight Slate 2000, Profile 49 Villatile , Plaintile , Ultratile roofing tiles and slates have been designed to speed up installation time on site, reducing installation cost and reducing CDM risks “less time working at heights” Each Britmet Tileform profile has been designed to allow for the equivalent of 8 no traditional tiles or 5 traditional slates to be fixed in one go. Greatly speeding up the installation and reducing health and safety risks while on site.


Britmet Tileform’s Pantile 2000 is an eave to ridge tile sheet, the fastest lightweight profile to install. The Pantile 2000 comes in sheet form 1040mm cover width and is manufactured in sheets sizes from 1.53m -8.00m long and is fixed to steel or timber purlins at 1200 - 1500mm centres with coloured sela head fasteners. Ideally suited for an asbestos and tin sheet roof replacements.





A Warm roof is a type of roof construction which has an insulation layer above the rafters and immediately below its weatherproof membrane. A warm roof construction allows heat to be conserved within the property, saving on expensive heating bills.


Warm roofing is a popular roofing solution for most modern-day construction methods by allowing the insulation layer to be directly below the weatherproofing membrane, no thermal bridging can be lost through the rafters. Britmet Tileform selected to manufacture and supply the most advanced warm roof system on the market. The patented Tactray 90 system has been engineered to provide a solid warm roof solution.


The Britmet Tileform Tactray 90 is a roll formed into a Tray profile 500mm wide, with 90mm upstands, with a wooden plank finish to the underside for a decorative ceiling/wall finishes available in a galvanised finish, white polyester and on request can be power coated to suit any colours.


The Britmet Tileform Tactray 90 has great flexibility for the specifier allowing a range of u values from 0.18 – 0.1 u value or less, and can use a multitude range of insulations to achieve the specified u value to suit costs and insulation availability.


Britmet Tileform also offers our Britframe lightweight flat to pitch roof conversion system which converts flat roofs to pitch roofs, easily erected on site to form a new lightweight roof structure, Fixed down to the existing flat roof with fasteners and is roofed using any of the decorative Britmet tile or slate profiles and is highly insulated with an quilt insulation over the existing flat roof to achieve an 0.13 u value, to give massive thermal cost savings compared to the existing flat roof and quick paybacks for these flat to pitch Britframe conversions.


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