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FAQ's - Tiled Effect Conservatory Roofs

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Do I need planning permission?


NO: It is now possible to replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof without having to apply for building regulations. In 2010 Building Regulations’changed which allow anyone to put a solid roof on a conservatory as long as it meets certain criteria . However. You will almost certainly be required to have any installation certified by an Approved Inspector such as JHAI Ltd or a building inspector from your local council, who will visit the installation during progress to make sure that the job conforms with all current standards and procedures. You can read full Guidelines by CLICKING HERE


Is a Tiled Roof suitable for my conservatory?


YES: A tiled roof, also known as a warm or solid roof, is a roof for your conservatory that uses lightweight tiles instead of glazed panels. Tiled roofs provide superior insulation and are attractive inside and out. Suitable for new build extensions and conservatories, as well as flat roof replacements, they can be used for any style of conservatory, no matter the size or design. They provide you with a usable space for the family to enjoy all year round.


What are the benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof?


There are so many benefits of having a solid roof conservatory. Here are some of the most important:


  • Your conservatory or extension won’t overheat as the sun’s rays won’t be able to enter overhead. This also means that during the colder months, the room retains heat more easily due to the roof being fully insulated. This gives you a comfortable and consistent temperature. The energy efficiency can be up to 10 times greater than A rated windows, so imagine the difference you will feel.

  • With tiles or slates, you can generally find a suitable match with the rest of your home. Your conservatory flows seamlessly with the rest of your house to feel like a permanent part rather than an addition.

  • The interior can either be be plastered, or finished with a tongue and grooved Upvc to give an attractive and vaulted ceiling that will look stunning. It can also match with the rest of your interior design. This contrasts with the traditional glazed interior of a conservatory roof.

  • With the superior insulation that a tiled roof offers, you’re able to save money on your heating bills.

  • If your home is overlooked by neighbours, a solid roof maintains your privacy while still allowing light in through the windows.


Will a Tiled Conservatory Roof upgrade my conservatory?


YES: Replacing either your glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled effect roof will most definitely give you an all year round living space. They are insulated to Building Control approval which in turn will cut down hugely on your heating bills. It will also contribute greatly to the overall SAP Calculations on your house. In many instances, a tiled or solid roof conversion of your existing conservatory roof will add significant value to prospective buyers. You will have a room that can genuinely be used all year round.



Will a Tiled Conservatory Roof Reduce External Noise?


YES:  Glass roofs and roofs constructed of polycarbonate sheets or perspex produce glare in direct sunlight and become noisy during rain or hail showers. A tiled or solid conservatory roof dramatically reduces these issues so you can use your space undisturbed.



What is the guarantee on a Tiled Conservatory Roof?


Generally speaking, almost all Tiled Conservatory Roof installers offer a 10 year guarantee. In some cases, this guarantee is insurance backed offering further peace of mind. The major manufacturers of slates and tiles, such as Tapco Slate, Envirotile, Guardian Slate and Metrotile offer further manufacturers backed warrantees of up to 40 years.



How long should it take to install a Tiled Conservatory Roof?


On a standard conservatory roof conversion, it should take no longer than 5 working days for the job to be completed. This includes any plaster skims or electrical work for LED downlighters.



Can I get a Tiled Conservatory Roof as a new build extension to my house?


Yes: You will be getting a roof that meets all the UK Building control standards.



Will it match my existing house tile or slate?


A Tiled Effect roof tile is very sympathetic to all existing house finishes and with their slimline ridges and end caps you will not have the very cumbersome look of mortar on a low level extension.



Will it decrease the amount of light from the rest of the house?


You will lose a certain amount of light as opposed to a glass or polycarbonate roof, but because a Tiled Effect roof is so flexible you can on most occasions include and position roof windows so you can get the maximum amount of light back into your house.



How much does a Tiled Conservatory Roof cost?


This depends on the size and design of your existing conservatory. Each manufacturer or supplier of Tiled Conservatory Roofs have slightly different price matrixes, and have various optional extras that can effect the overall cost. You are able to get some instant guide line prices on the top 10 manufacturers of

Tiled Conservatory Roofs by checking out our unique ONLINE CALCULATOR


Once the Tiled Effect Conservatory roof has been installed, is it strong enough to walk on?


Yes, the conservatory roof will be strong enough to walk on for the cleaning of windows or clearing out guttering..


What is the best way to clean my new tiled effect conservatory roof, without leaving marks?


We recommend an annual hose down.








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