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The OSB boards are made up of 3 layers, cross orientated for maximum strength. They can be used externally if an appropriate preserver is used but are less durable than plywood when wet.


The composition of wood chips is one of the most substantial benefits of OSB board. The high levels of consistency are a result of the wood chips being bonded together under pressure in the manufacturing process. With OSB board you will never be faced with knots or voids in the boards, something that can occur in plywood.


OSB is a pliable material which can mean squeaky floors if it is used as a subfloor. Our OSB boards are rated for flooring use, meeting the standard for OSB/3 under BS EN 300: 2006 but it is important to leave expansion gaps to avoid squeaks. Another way to avoid squeaks is to glue the OSB boards to joist, this will prevent any movement.


Features and Benefits


OSB is a versatile and durable building board. It’s construction is similar to that of Plywood, with opposing-orientation of wood fibres that creates rigidity and strength. OSB has superb load-bearing properties, excellent cross dimensional stability and an attractive wood patterned finish.


   Suitable for wall sheathing, flooring, roofing, general construction and renovation work, formwork and long term site hoardings.

   Load bearing/structural board for use in humid conditions.

   Free of natural defects


A strong construction board with consistent dimensions, can be used in a range of applications including roof and walls


   For structural use in accordance with EN13986

   Manufactured from precise wood strands to produce a fully engineered board

   Versatile panel which is easy to saw, drill, nail, plane and sand.




OSB - Oriental Strand Boards

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Marine Grade Plywood

Compare tiled conservatory roofs marine grade plyw

A high quality panel, which performs well under conditions where a high degree of moisture is present.


   Made in accordance with BS1088 , third party verified (Q Mark)

   Manufactured from durable hardwood species

   Excellent core veneer quality

   Face veneer to be at least 1mm thick after sanding


Generally, 18mm Marine grade plywood is used in solid and tiled conservatory roof conversions.



High quality and hard wearing plywood suited to most applications where moisture is present. Compliant with British Standard BS1088


   Made with high quality veneers which are cross-laminated for extra strength, especially in high moisture areas

   Suitable for external works where high moisture is a concern. Edges and sides must be sealed with a suitable preserver

   Takes paint and stain finishes with ease and provides a good surface on which to apply coatings

   Timber is a natural product and can expand and contract with room conditions

   Uses include general joinery, shelving, boxing in, signage, fascias and soffits, van and trailer linings, garages, sheds, external joinery, walkways