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Compare Tiled Conservatory Roofs

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Product Description


Ideal for above head-height installations, the P2 glazing is a safety double glazed unit that comes with a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane. If an object was to hit the window with force, the glazing would hold in place, much like a car windscreen, until you're able to get it fixed.


Centre pivot roof windows are still the most popular design, and all can be rotated through 180° to allow easy cleaning of the outer pane from within the room.


Operating handle in the base of the sash for ease of use

V40P automatic air vent to prevent unnecessary heat loss

Topsafe system of burglary protection as standard

Suitable for retro-fitting electronic operation

20 year warranty for glazing unit

Lifetime glazing unit hail resistance warranty

Fakro roof windows provide the highest standard in roof windows, offering knot free timber every time, high quality finishes and a 20 year guarantee


Fakro roof windows are designed to provide a focal point for any room whether you use them individually or in combinations. Their stylish appearance is matched by the highest standard of manufacturing and finishing which means you can rest assured they will go on looking goos for years to come. Fakro Roof Windows offer a perfect combination of style, sustainability, security and long design life. To achieve such high performance involves ongoing refinement and improvement to every roof window that that Fakro designs.


Bigger glazing area and more light


The design of Fakro roof windows enables more light to be brought to any room. By placing the air inlet at the top of the frame, Fakro roof windows provide a glazing area up to 10% bigger than competitors products of the same size, in which the ventilation flap has been fitted in the sash. The operating handle in the base of the sash is always more convenient for the user.


Timber quality


The redwood pine that Fakro ues offers the clearest visual evidence of roof window quality. Not only does its close grain look stylish, timber comes from FSC certified sources. The double vacuum process using water-borne preservatives provideslasting dimensional stability and all windows are finished with three coates of environmentally freindly lacquer.


Automatic air ventilation in all windows


Many manufacturers use a standard manually operated vent which is inefficient, causing unnecessary heat loss.The Fakro V40P automatic vent which is installed in Fakro pine roof windows is activated by changes in atmospheric pressure. It provides the optimum balance of fresh air regardless of weather conditions


Exceptional security


Fakros Top Safe system provides peace of mind that our roof windows offer exceptional burglary resistance. In contrast to products which break simply by applying foot pressure, TopSafe provides additional hinge and lock reinforcement to prevent the sash from being forced. An EUStandard (EN13049) now means you can compare roof window security and all Fakro products achieve a minimum of Class 3. Fakro also manufactures a standard centre pivotwindow, the FTP-V P2 Secure,m which has security glazing.


The highest level of energy saving performance


What really sets Fakro roof windows apart is their low level of heat loss. Unlike some manufacturers who provide U-values just for glazing units, Fakro provides information for the whole window.


Warm glazing spacers


Many roof windows use metallic spacers to seperate panes and these encourage condensation to form by forming a cold 'bridge' between them. By contrast, Fakro uses only warm spacers in order to ensure that this otherwise common problem does not affect Fakro roof windows.


Performance Guarantees


Whether buying natural pine, PU-coated pine or PVC Fakro offers a 10-year warranty for all windows and a 20 year warranty on glazing units.

A healthy indoor climate is not something you can see, but feel: you’ve got more energy, can breathe deeply, sleep soundly. Today, with up to 90%* of our time spent inside, maintaining good indoor air quality is more important than ever.

That’s why the VELUX Group and Netatmo have worked together to bring you the first smart automated control of roof windows, blinds & shutters, delivering a healthier home for you and your family.


Sensor-based ventilation


Smart sensors monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and operate your roof windows accordingly for a healthier indoor climate. For your peace of mind, this smart system knows when it rains and postpones automatic roof windows openings to protect your home.


Stay in control


Operate your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters from anywhere by using the free and intuitive VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO App. At a glance, you can check the state of all your VELUX products and open/close them if needed. You can also visualize the temperature, humidity and C02 levels in each room to make sure you and your family live in a healthy environment.


Smart heat protection


Proactively closes any VELUX INTEGRA® shutters and awnings based on local weather forecast information, e.g. an impending heat wave. Just set your preferred comfort temperature in the App and the system will operate covers to reach this temperature.


Easy departure


Tap the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO departure switch on your way out to simultaneously close your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows and ventilate your home in the secured ventilation position.

VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control

velux active velux active siri

"Hey Siri, Open The Bedroom's Roof  Windows"

Apple HomeKit compatibility lets you use voice control to operate your VELUX roof windows, blinds and shutters.

ROOF WINDOWS - Bringing Natural Light Into Your Conservatory

Compare Top Quality Roof Windows and Sky Lights


Here we compare the roof windows manufactured by some of the best manufacturers available on the market.


Our main goal is to make sure that our customers always get the best product advise available, no matter what type of roof windows they are looking for. For our skylights selection, we’ve picked only the very best models by the most reliable companies, made with a great level of attention to detail, utilising only the finest materials.


In our extensive offer of skylight windows you’ll find:


skylight roof lights with integrated flashings and top-hung skylight access roof windows,


We recognise that every customer has different needs, which is why we try to make our skylight window selection as diverse as possible. If you have a pitched roof and want to bring more light into your conservatory, whether it’s a dining room, relaxqation room, extra living space or an all year round  inhabitable room, you can be sure these skylights for pitched roofs will play that purpose well.


The manufacturers whose windows are featured, are some of the most recognisable brands on the market, with many years of experience and countless high-quality windows manufactured in that time.


These companies include:







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Things To Consider

The 'U' Value of the frame

The 'U' Value of the glazing

The Guarantee period

Double or Triple glazed

Electric or Manual operation

The size of the roof window

The number of roof windows


As a general rule of thumb, if you are looking to keep a good level of natural light coming into your conservatory through the roof, you should consider at least one roof window for every 6 square metre of floor space