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Waterproof Breathable Membrane

Grafter lightweight breathable membrane is a hybrid roof underlay producing high vapour permeability and water resistance. Grafter membrane provides excellent performance whilst being lightweight and flexible. It is suitable for Warm and Cold roof application as a fully supported or unsupported underlay for tiled and slated roofs

The 3 layer spun bond based membranes are manufactured by a thermal/­glue--bonding process in which a polyp­ro­pylene breathable micro-porous film is bonded together with polyp­ro­pylene non-woven membranes to form a flexible sheet


   Breathable - Eliminates Roof Space Ventilation

   Easy-Trim cutting guide (Red).

   High tensile and high tear strength.

   Can be used for vertical wall construction as a wind barrier

   Weight: 100g/m²

   BBA Certificate No. 10/4753.


Installed with the red printed side uppermost and lapped to shed water out and down the slope, the vapour permeable Grafter lightweight breathable membrane can be installed without the need for ventilation provided that the roof construction remains air tight and convection free for the life of the structure. In cold non ventilated roofs NHBC section 7.2 prescribe 5mm continuous ridge ventilation.­ NHBC compliance may be achieved by using the Easy-trim dry ridge system.


Grafter breathable membrane is supplied in a 1m x 20m roll


Tyvek Supro is a durable, water resistant membrane that is reinforced with a laminated polypropylene nonwoven. This airtight, vapour-permeable membrane is extremely water-resistant, and can be used for all supported and unsupported pitched roofs.


Tyvek Supro does not need any soffit, tile or ridge ventilation, which can save time and money in the construction process. In addition to warm, hybrid and cold roofs, applications include Scottish sarking board systems, low-pitched metal roofs, and wall and floor applications.


Tyvek Supro water resistant membrane products are designed to withstand prolonged UV radiation and high temperatures, and come with full BBA and IAB approval for use in all pitched roof constructions.



Length: 50m.

Width: 1.5m.

Roll size: 75m2.

Roll weight: 12kg.

Mass per unit area: 145 gsm.

UV exposure: 4 months.

Water vapour transmission: 0.015.

Product thickness: 450 μm.

Composition: composite of high density polyethylene and polypropylene.




   Extremely water-resistant.



   Offers superior air and moisture management for commercial and residential buildings.

   Durable resistance to prolonged UV radiation and high temperatures.

   For all supported and unsupported pitched roof applications - warm, hybrid and cold roofs.

   For scottish sarking board systems.

An average house produces 14 litres of moisture a day yet air leakage is a major contributor to heat loss. Energy saving, waterproof and airtight - TLX UV breather membranes allow moisture to escape and prevent air leakage.




• High tear strength to weight ratio.

• High breathability.

• Available in a variety of weights and widths.

• Most popular of all Web products.

• Offers substantial increase in strength and abrasion resistance.

• Can be used between open rafters and on sarking boards.

• Weight : 130gsm.



TLX acts as a thermal barrier, upgrades existing insulation, replaces roof underlay, is easily and quickly installed, and is a space saving, flexible reflective insulation with combined breather membrane.


This is the brighter way to insulate, as it delivers an air barrier, allows water vapour to pass through, and provides all the benefits of multi-foil insulation.


The top layer is a high performance breather membrane, with a core of PET wadding interleaved with reflective layers, and a bottom layer of reflective film.


All layers are breathable, so moisture passes through the product while the bottom layer reflects infra- red rays back into living space.

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Waterproof Breathable Membrane

Waterproof Breathable Membrane